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Job seeking can be one of the most frustrating and the most rewarding phases in your life. When you’re job seeking, it can be difficult to filter out which resources and suggestions are useful, and which are not. As a recent college graduate, I found the job market seeks highly selective individuals, and job seekers need to understand the different phases and processes in the search. Getting a job today is not as simple as handing your resume to an employer and waiting for a response.

Here are a few tips that helped me through the process and to find the right job:

When seeking a job, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Several resources and professional organizations are willing to meet with new and experienced job seekers to provide strategies in successful job searching. If you are a college graduate or current student looking for a job, the campus career center should be your first stop in the search. Career centers have connections to employers and networking tools that will ease your application processes.

Similar to career centers, organizations such as Daily Work provide strategies and tools for new or experienced job seekers in different phases of their job search.

Start your search sooner than later.

The hiring process is growing longer, and a lot more steps exist in the process now than before. Even if you are not in a transition period, you should keep an eye out for any job opening and connect with individuals in that field or organization.

Networking ahead of time and maintaining professional contacts is necessary in every job search. This can be as simple as having a LinkedIn profile or an in-person network. Build your networking channel!

Maintain an updated resume and cover letter that is relevant and concise.

Members of the Human Resources team go through hundreds of resumes in a day and don’t want to flip through a multiple page resume. A one page resume with a list of your qualifications and experiences give them a snapshot of who you are and if you have similarities to the job you are seeking.

Prepare for an interview ahead of time.

Job interviews can vary from one, single in-person interview to a multi-step interview process consisting of a phone interview, group interview, and final in-person interview with the hiring manager.  All job seekers should prepare for every step by researching the company or organization and their core mission and values.  You also need to understand what the role consists of and how you can relate your past experiences to the position.

If you can, find someone who works in a similar role and go over interview questions and set up mock interviews. Going over interview questions will make you more confident and make your presentation valuable to the employer.

Only take advice from those who have experience and spend less time on irrelevant job boards.

Many job boards and job listings have openings for jobs in different fields. The applications sent through these boards are not as effective as those that are specific to the career field or company.   You want to try hard to make a human connection.   Try to talk to and take advice from those who are in similar roles or have connections to the hiring managers.

Be selective in who you talk to about applications and interview preparations. Setting up informational interviews with employees in specific companies or connecting with career counselors and coaches are more effective then receiving advice from individuals with non-relevant experiences.

Expect rejection.

The chances of getting a job on your first try are very slim. You have to be proactive in your job search and keep an open mind. Don’t take failure as the last outcome, make use out of failure. Look at what you have done in your past job applications and understand what you did wrong.

Volunteering at Daily Work has allowed me to understand the different difficulties job seekers encounter. These diverse scenarios related to the issues that I encountered in my own job search and allowed me to understand how I can develop my own resume, cover letter, and overall job search process. The career counselors at Daily Work provide helpful strategies that guide job seekers toward a career path which fits their professional goals. These strategies are targeted towards each individual’s needs and follow through every step of the job seeking process. Daily Work is an effective resource to all job seekers that seek career guidance and overall professional development.

by Lubna Khatoon

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