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Interesting read about immigrants in the Minnesota Workforce, but how do Daily Work’s stats compare?

According to a June 6 article on MinnPost, where immigrants come from can impact where they work. Here’s a snapshot of the job seekers Daily Work serves and where they work.

Roughly 75 percent of Daily Work’s job seekers are immigrants, most of them from Africa. The majority of our job seekers have completed high school, but mainly in their home country. Language barriers are the likely reason that many of our job seekers choose to find work in industries that do not require specialized skills.

In 2016, 49 percent* of Daily Work job seekers had work experience in the custodial field, 39 percent* had worked in entry level health care jobs (personal care attendant, nursing assistant or dietary aide), and 34 percent* had experience in hospitality, either as cooks or restaurant servers.

Part of Daily Work’s mission is to help job seekers gain the skills and resources needed to pursue careers that require more specialized skills…and that pay higher wages. But this takes time and resources. After five years at Daily Work, I now know clients that are making real progress towards this goal.

Radia, a luncheon speaker from two years ago, is about to begin a master’s degree in nursing. Abera, is now seeking a management role at Seagate, and in just 20 months, Anali has received her fifth promotion in her role in the financial services field!

Daily Work is very proud to be a partner in their success…and as a supporter of Daily Work, you make all their sucess stories possible. Thank you.

*Indicates a multi-selection field; data sum may exceed 100 percent

By Julie Hoff, Daily Work Executive DirectorJulie Hoff

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