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Job Seeker Profile – Rage Ali

Job Seeker Profile – Rage Ali

By: Teiana Nakano, Case Management Intern

Rage was one of the first job seekers I met with as a case manager at Daily Work. His talkative nature and willingness to open up helped me feel at ease, even as a new, nervous case manager. In our meetings and discussions, I learned a lot about Rage, both as a person and the difficulties he sees as a job seeker in St. Paul. Rage returns regularly to Daily Work thanks to the personalized approach he receives.

“Daily Work is [the] best place to help me [because they] respect me [and] treat me like a human being,” Rage says of his experience here.

Rage Ali  -  Daily Work Job Seeker

Rage has applied to and been hired to many different jobs throughout his partnership with Daily Work. His interview and communication skills are continuing to improve and he better understands the demands and expectations of the American workforce. While he is still seeking a position that really fits his goals and needs, he told me that he has not lost his hope.

“I’ve had a lot of hard times… [and Daily Work] tries and does anything they can do to change my life.”

Meeting with job seekers like Rage is why I loved working as a case manager at Daily Work this summer. To be trusted with someone’s story, their fears, their accomplishments, and their hopes and dreams, is a great privilege and a great responsibility. Every donation given to Daily Work helps so many people pursue their employment dreams. From job seekers like Rage to interns like me, your support is empowering us to explore meaningful employment opportunities that provide the means for thriving lives and equitable communities.

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