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Just a Bit of Encouragement Can Go a Long Way

Just a Bit of Encouragement Can Go a Long Way


1946455073-You_never_know_when_one_kind_act_or_one_word_of_encouragement_will_change_a_life_forever_What is more important, providing emotional support to our job seekers or helping them accomplish tangible tasks? This is a trick question because they are both equally important! These two aspects of what we do are interconnected. They influence each other, and they are both necessary. On one hand, we need to work with our job seekers to do practical things such as apply for jobs, connect them to resources, and work on interviewing skills. On the other hand, if they do not have the emotional capacity to work on these things, we are out of luck.

Daily Work is unique because we focus on both of these aspects. We realize that there are many practical barriers that make it difficult for people to find jobs, but that there are also many emotional barriers that people face. We do not claim to be licensed counselors, but we know that a little bit of encouragement can make a big difference. Just having someone to support you through the taxing process of job searching can be very helpful.

One of our job seekers, “Rhonda,” seems to be feeling down every time she comes into the office. We work very hard throughout her appointment, and it can be exhausting. Our appointments are usually a combination of applying for jobs and updating resumes while also giving her a chance to voice her concerns. We try to affirm her by agreeing that her concerns are valid and that what she is going through is extremely difficult. We give her space to share her story and get things off of her chest. Though she often walks in with her head down, she usually leaves laughing and smiling! This last time she left saying, “I wish I could go to Daily Work every day!” Of course, not every problem is solved, but she is finding reasons to have hope. With our support, she finds strength within herself and this helps her to keep going.

This sense of hope is how our job seekers continue to be resilient even when everything feels overwhelming.

Though our job seekers have very valid reasons to feel discouraged, it is important that Daily Work offers emotional support in addition to practical support. The combination of these two things is what makes Daily Work unique and effective.

Thank you for your continuous support of Daily Work. You are helping to create a space where people feel comfortable sharing their stories. You are helping them find hope, renewing their strength, and empowering them to believe in their own ability to succeed.

By Maya Lehmann


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