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Have you ever been to the point of giving up on yourself and your goals and dreams?

To answer the question above - Yes I have.

My name is Lee Olafson. I am one of the people who has been helped by Daily Work and I am writing to encourage you to make a donation to Daily Work today - Give to the Max Day. Here’s how Daily Work has made a difference in my life:

When I first found Daily Work I was unable to work due to some significant health challenges. This led me down a path of physical instability that finally led me to becoming homeless. Being homeless is possibly the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with in my life. I wanted to give up a lot of the time.

But the staff at Daily Work never gave up on me. They always found a positive way for me to view my situation. They even created an internship in web design for me so I wouldn't lose my focus on my career goals and so that I would remember all the things I do have going for me.

Improvement…One Step at a Time 

Today, I am still looking for a job. My health has improved so much and I come to my internship several days per week. Most importantly, I am no longer homeless thanks to Daily Work helping me find a long-term housing solution.

I know that none of this help for me would have been possible without people like you….the donors to Daily Work. You support has done so much for me…and so many other people like me. Thank you for your donations. I wouldn’t be here without you.

- Lee Olafson

Daily Work Web Design Intern

PS:Today November 13 is Give To The Max Day!  Help Daily Work win a Golden Ticket…worth $2,000! Click here to make your donation before midnight!

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