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mailee-picAs a Case Management Intern at Daily Work, I have witnessed the impact of the passion and the commitment of Daily Work’s staff and donors in helping to make a change in each job seeker’s life. Daily Work assists a diverse working population, where the majority are Ethiopian immigrants.

I know what it’s like to grow up in a Hmong immigrant family, where I saw the struggles and difficulty my parents went through just to navigate in the new world. My grandparents are the most courageous people I know for taking the risk to raise their family in a world that they do not speak the language and understand the culture. The history of my family is my inspiration to empower the job seekers at Daily with a perspective of strength, motivation, and a solution-focused approach.  I enjoy helping our job seekers because it gives me a good feeling that I am helping someone’s mother, father, grandpa, or grandma.


Daily Work is a helpful and enriching organization for the diverse community. We provide a safe, welcoming, and inclusive working environment to all job seekers. We inform job seekers that Daily Work is a teaching organization. Our case managers are college students studying social work. Just like the job seekers are learning from us about employment, we are learning from them about our social work career path. We are all learning from each another.

But providing this support cannot be a success without the job seeker taking the initiative to get help. It’s very courageous of the job seeker to get assistance from out of their comfort zone. It shows the deep motivation job seekers have to better themselves and achieve their life goals in the United States.  As a case management intern, I see job seekers who are very appreciative of Daily Work. When they get a job, they tell us “Thank you, you support me in my life” and “Please keep helping other job seekers. I will send my friends.”



Daily Work is an inspirational non-profit organization. “Daily Work’s mission is to guide and to mentor job seekers who desire to be self-supporting by helping them prepare for, find and maintain work that enables them to sustain themselves and their families”. The mission statement is well presented by the supervisors, staff, and co-workers I work with. Like the job seekers that are grateful for Daily Work, I would  like to take this time to acknowledge and thank all the donors of Daily Work. With your contribution it’s a reality for us case managers to do our work that we are passionate in. Donors play a huge role in the lives of case managers and job seekers. I’m proud to work together, job seekers, case management interns staff, and donors, to help job seekers find jobs.  Thank you for your support; you are the back bone of Daily Work.

To contribute to our year-end giving campaign, please visit:

https://www.givemn.org/organization/Daily-Work -



Maihlee S. Lee, Daily Work Case Management Intern


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