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Immigrants Play Vital Role in America's Past, Present and Future

March 2017

As an organization that serves mostly immigrants, we enjoy the strength, intelligence, and unique perspective people from other places and cultures bring to us and to our community.A case in point is the story of Abera (pictured here) and his wife, Alem, becoming U.S. citizens. For the past four years, Daily Work has been Abera’s partner as he has progressed from unemployment and minimum wage jobs to now working full-time for a major Minnesota employer earning nearly $50,000 per year.Abera personifies the American Dream. His resilience, intelligence, and adaptability are inspirational. Abera Citizenship Award PicHe is the type of person that makes America great. At Daily Work, we are lucky to know so many immigrants like Abera and to see first-hand, the skills and attributes they are contributing to our community.As an employment-focused organization, we have the privilege of talking with job seekers about their hopes, goals and dreams, because their employment, or lack thereof, impacts the extent to which they can achieve those dreams. In the course of our conversations, we each feel our shared human experience, no matter the country of our birth.
To continue reading more comments from Julie Hoff, executive director, click here.

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Where will you be April 26?

Our 5th Annual Steps to Success Luncheon is extra special this year!  This year's event will feature: MPR news reporter & radio personality Kerri Miller (pictured below), a special performance by Zamya Theater Project. and compelling testimonials about how your support is making a difference.  Mark your calendar and register today!
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Everyone has a Story

~by Hannah Van Alstine, Daily Work case Management Intern

My childhood story did not have a lot of color. I grew up going to a school where I could count the number of diverse students on one hand. I came from a town where diversity was not valued…many students were mean to kids from other cultures; they called them names and sometimes even picked fights with them. Even as a child, this always felt wrong to me. Now as a social work student in my senior year, I wanted to change my story.  …Read More of Hannah's story here.

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Eligible Thrivent Financial members have opportunities to direct how Thrivent distributes a portion of its charitable funds annually, but as much as half of those dollars go unused every year...leaving thousands of dollars on the table for nonprofits like Daily Work!

Last year, Thrivent Choice support for Daily Work amounted to almost $3,000, or about 2 percent of Daily Work's annual operating budget. These funds directly supported Daily Work's job seekers...and helped at least two people find new jobs and be more financially secure. Thank you to everyone who directed Thrivent Choice dollars to us last year!To learn more or desginate your dollars visit Thrivent.com/thriventchoice

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