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News from Social Media: Fact or Fiction?
by Julie Hoff

You’ve probably heard people say “you shouldn’t get your news from social media,” but the truth is... I do. And I am ok with it…and all the other online news sources, too.

Yes, it’s important to call out or disregard the “fake news” or the “non-news news,” but at the end of the day, I get a lot of good news, hard news, and inspirational news from Facebook and other social media platforms. 

This cute bunny has nothing to do with the post, but research shows that pics like this can reduce stress and make us feel happier. That's reasoning enough for me! Image courtesy of Pixabay

I get excited by this news. I am excited to share news that can change perspectives or help me learn something new.

This blog is how Daily Work shares its news. We share news about job seekers, news about how we feel about our experiences at Daily Work, or news like the stories below, news that informs us or impacts the people we work with.

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Check out these great news stories that I learned about on social media!

History Theatre's 'A Crack in the Sky' shows the struggles immigrants face:

New library social worker will help patrons access mental health supports:

How 'Ban the Box' has affected attitudes towards employing ex-offenders in Minnesota:

What living on an $11 minimum wage looks like:

Julie Hoff has served as executive director of Daily Work since May 2012. She is addicted to continuous improvement, pictures of cute, baby animals, and helping people discover their passions.


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