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October 2016


Values are not universal; they are shaped by our experiences, relationships, and situational context, but because values are often linked to deeply held personal beliefs, they can be cause for discrimination and misunderstanding in the workforce.

Recently, several Daily Work job seekers were terminated from positions due to this conflict. Here are few examples:

  • A  job seeker was told by a hiring manager that he intended to extend a job offer, only to have it rescinded after the job seeker disclosed he was homeless in a casual conversation as he was leaving the interview.
  • This same job seeker was terminated from a position 6 weeks into a new job because he would arrive too early for work or leave too long after his shift ended due to limited bus service to his employer's location. He never missed a shift and was never late for work; he only sat in the breakroom while he waited for his rides.
  • A job seeker from Ethiopia was terminated from a position he had held for six years after he questioned an assignment. He stated that he was told that it is "his f---ing job to do as he is told and to not question his 'leader'". When he was given his termination letter, he thought he was coming to a meeting to discuss the assignment in question.
  • An African American job seeker was terminated a week after starting a new job because a former employer, from a job he had held eight years ago, stated that he was not eligible for re-hire (many employers do not check criminal convictions that are older than 5 or 7 years).

Prior to their terminations, these job seekers were NOT informed of any issues with their performance. To read more about what happened, click here.

I love sharing our job seekers' success stories, Isaac's story (below), makes me smile every day, but the path to good employment is long and hard. Your support is even more important to the people above, who need your helping hand even more, when facing disappointment and setbacks.

Thank you for your partnership,Julie HoffJulie Hoff, Executive Director



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Meet Isaac at Oct. 18 Open House

Isaac is a cheerful, soft-spoken man of about 50. He wears dark glasses, due to blindness in one eye.

He vividly remembers the day he arrived in Minnesota. After nearly two days of travel, his plane couldn’t land because Air Force One had taken over MSP International Airport.

While he didn’t know it then, landing a good job would be a lot like waiting for his plane to land….Delayed!

Read Isaac's success story here.

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Fall Celebration and Open House

The Fall Celebration brings together great food, nice music, and the people who believe in, benefit from, and support our mission to help motivated job seekers find better jobs! This year's event will feature:

  • Incredible Ethiopian food
  • Shopping at our silent auction
  • Chance to win a iPad or Apple Watch
  • Fellowship with people who love Daily Work

Mark your calendar now - October 18 from 4:30 - 7:00 p.m. at our office at 105 University Ave. W. 

Click here to register online, or call (651) 204-3043. We can't wait to see you!

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