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Office Reboot! Watch Our Progress!


Office Reboot - Pictures at the bottom!

If you have ever been to the Daily Work office or you are a regular reader of our blog posts, you may be aware that Daily Work's St. Paul office space does not provide adequate space or privacy for our staff and job seekers. Here's what Sarah, one of student interns, had to say after starting at Daily Work:

"One of the first things that struck me about Daily Work's St. Paul office space was that it was too small and that change needed to be made so that each job seeker felt welcomed, comfortable, and safe to share their personal circumstances."

Currently, we have four work cubicles, a waiting room, and storage for office supplies and equipment in one 20x20 room. For those who remember E.F. Hutton, our slogan right might read: "At Daily Work, whenanyone talks,everyone can listen."

Thanks to some generous partners like YOU, we're changing all that! To address our increasing needs, the property committee at Christ on Capitol Hill has generously been working with us to move into the old SEAM (Southeast Asian Ministry Space), which is more than double the size of our current space!  The new space will provide six computer stations for current clients, six new cubicles, and a comfortable waiting area. We have received immeasurable help from two talented architects from MSR Design, Nick Wallin and Tom Haller, who have donated countless hours helping us create a space that meets our changing needs. We are so lucky and grateful to have their help.

More good news is that we have secured a contractor who is providing all materials at cost (no mark-up) and who is willing to let us use volunteer labor to reduce the cost of the project. The improvements should be done the first week in May, but as you might guess we are still working to raise the final $5,000 dollars needed for the project.

Already this year, we have helped 14 people secure new work (that's one per week). 

Your support is what makes this possibleYour support April 30 is also what will make it possible to provide job seekers with a new office space that is a welcoming, warm, and private place to share their hopes, challenges, and dreams for a better life.

Office - before Office Now 3 - web  Building Permit Pre-Framing

Pre-framing2Under Construction - framing - webFraming2Cubicles - SheetrockReception2 - sheetrockOffice entry - sheetrockReception - sheetrock

photo 3-2photo 1-3 photo 2-2photo 1-2photo 3-3photo 2-3photo 1-4photo 5-1photo 4-1photo 3-1photo 2-1photo 4-2photo 5-2

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