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Overwhelmed with Emotion

Overwhelmed with Emotion
By Brittany Feller, Case Management Intern

brittany-picI am sitting at Daily Work on the last day of my internship and I am overwhelmed with emotion. As I prepare to leave Daily work for the very last time, I can feel my heart sink. Since November I’ve been working with “Andy,” a job seeker who has accomplished so much during our time together.

The thing that stands out to me is that even through all the ups and downs, Andy stayed positive. He ALWAYS kept an open mind and held on to the strength to push through and continue moving forward, even when it seemed impossible. At times I felt discouraged for him. I didn’t express those feelings to him though. I wanted to be a motivating factor for him. Not someone who would bring him down.

Now, Andy has a full time job, doing something he loves and is an expert at. He has eye glasses that allow him to see properly, and after several attempts, he now has his driver's license permit and is ready to take his driver’s test and get a vehicle. He walks with a light around him that was not there when I first started working with him.

I couldn’t help but to express this story in words, because in my eyes, Andy is inspirational. The level of brightness and positivity he brought to my experience at Daily Work is indescribable. The point I’m trying to make is that only takes one person to change your world. In some ways, Andy helped me as much as I helped him. When I first met with him I had no idea he would have made such an impact on me.


He changed the way I look at life and he humbled me. He allowed me into his life to see the barriers and challenges that he faces and that I will probably never have to experience. It’s a difference in privilege that we don’t always get to see, unless we truly open our eyes to seeing. He inspires me to be more open and understanding to the barriers that people face in life.

For me, Andy made my internship experience more fulfilling and memorable. My work with him touched my heart. I am grateful for him and for all that he taught me and for the incredible sense of positive energy he brought with him every time we met. It’s something I will hold onto even when I meet clients that are not able to be so positive in their interactions with me.  

Andy helped me see the root of my motivation and passion to work in this field. Without donations and support from the community to keep places like Daily Work running, it not only takes away opportunities for job seekers like Andy to excel and connect with the resources they need, but it also takes away amazing learning opportunities for interns like me. Please keep this in mind when you consider future donations.

I can truly say that even though my journey has ended at Daily Work, that this organization and the people with it, changed my life in a very positive way. Thank you for your support.

From Julie Hoff, executive director: Thank you, Brittany. We are so grateful for all the wonderful talents and skills you, and all of our interns, brought to Daily Work this past year.  



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