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Rahel: One Step Closer to Her Goal

Rahel: One Step Closer to Her Goal

RahelMeet Rahel, an immigrant from Ethiopia in 2003 and now a U.S. citizen. Rahel first came to Daily Work in 2009 on the advice of a friend. Since then, she has demonstrated incredible persistence to find full-time work in the health care field.

Entry-level jobs, such as nutrition or housekeeping aides at hospitals in the Twin Cities are in high demand and therefore, very competitive to obtain. Daily Work job seekers tell us they want to work at hospitals because of the higher pay, good benefits, and the opportunity to work with people from other cultures, including their own. As someone always looking for a better job, Rahel was aware of the difficulties in obtaining full-time hospital work and knew that she would likely have to start as a casual (on-call) or part-time employee and then work her way into full-time work.

As you can imagine, Rahel’s job search process was anything but easy. To make things even harder, Rahel is not a licensed driver so she relies on public transportation to go to work and to get her to and from her appointments at Daily Work. This means Rahel spends a lot more time commuting than people who drive.

Despite her commitment to her job search, Rahel also did not have steady employment during the past couple of years, making it harder to compete successfully for those highly desired hospital jobs!

Rahel was so dedicated to her job search that coming to Daily Work every week was not enough; she also sought out the help of her local public library. Getting assistance from the library was well-intentioned, but it ended up creating problems with her online account passwords. It took several hours of doing password recovery to get all of her user names and passwords to work correctly. “Daily Work was very helpful. They helped me apply to jobs,” Rahel said.

Rahel was so determined to get a hospital job that she applied to 52 different positions with her Daily Work case managers over the past 18 months before she accepted a position as nutrition aide at a major, urban hospital.  While the position is part-time, it does pay nearly $15 per hour and Rahel is very hopeful about getting more jobs in the future... or finding full-time work with another hospital.

While this may seem like a lot of effort for a part-time job, all of us at Daily Work are amazed by the persistence, determination and positive attitude of so many of our job seekers. When asked about her future, Rahel stated “I have a job now, I am happy. I am working on moving to my own apartment.”

Do you want to help more people like Rahel achieve their goals faster? Let us know if you or one of your connections can connect us to someone in any of the major health care organizations. Hospital human resources (HR) people are notoriously hard to reach…and getting their advice and feedback about what they're looking for in new employees, how to navigate their online application systems, and how to advance once hired would be incredibly helpful to Daily Work job seekers.

By Brit Rademacher, Case Management Assistant

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