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St. Paul and Ramsey County Exploring New Ways to Help Job Seekers

St. Paul and Ramsey County Exploring New Ways to Help Job Seekers

By Julie Hoff

This story highlights what Daily Work has known for a long time…that there are many people who want to and are able to work, but who cannot navigate today’s (mostly online) job application process without personalized assistance.

According to an August 20 Star Tribune story, “‘People want a more hands-on interaction instead of being pushed to a class that they maybe don’t get anything out of — or don’t know what the next step should be,’” said Tonya Draughn, a member of a new committee developing ideas to better serve St. Paul residents.

The majority of Daily Work’s job seekers either do not speak English very well or they don’t know how to use a computer, making it nearly impossible for them to effectively find a job on their own. At Daily Work, we provide personalized help for job placement…and then work with them on longer term goals to learn English better or become proficient at using the computer, increasing their long-term employability and their ability to search for their next job.

This hands-on interaction is exactly the service that Daily Work provides…and for much less than the cost of similar programs. According to the story, in 2016, Ramsey County’s Workforce Solutions department spent 22.5 million and served $12,257 people, an average cost of $1,836 per person. By comparison, Daily Work spent $155,000 and served 251 people, an average cost of $618 per person.

Specifically, Daily Work assists job seekers with professional needs such as creating resumes and cover letters, identifying and applying for jobs and learning interview skills. Our robust intake process identifies other areas of need (food, shelter, clothing, medical assistance, etc.) for which we provide referrals and advocacy.

Of course, there will always be a high need for government to provide services to the thousands of residents who need them, but this story demonstrates that Daily Work is filling an unmet need for many job seekers and that our small organization offers a useful and needed perspective in the workforce solutions landscape. Your support is what makes this possible. Thank you.


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