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Ojulu's Story

Whatever it Takes

In late 2017, Ojulu came to Daily Work with basic English and not much more than the clothes he was wearing. His main objective in America? A good job.

The road to a job with good pay and benefits has been filled with highs and lows, but in April 2019, Ojulu landed a good job at Whole Foods Market, where he has ongoing trainings about organic produce and food safety, as well as growth and promotion opportunities. His job has given Ojulu a community of friends, health insurance, and the means to sign a lease and get a new apartment.

When Gretchen Guenter, a Daily Work board member and case worker, first met Ojulu, she could see his generous and kind spirit. Together, the two worked to improve Ojulu’s English, meet basic healthcare and personal care needs, build workplace cultural understanding, identify job opportunities, fill out applications, and practice for interviews.

When Ojulu was hired, Louis Toupin, a manager at Whole Foods, didn’t hesitate to reach out to Daily Work. Gretchen worked together with Ojulu at Whole Foods Market to ensure he understood the company’s online orientation and training modules. Even today, Gretchen continues in this dual support role when needed and for Ojulu, the experience cultivated a new interest in computers.

“I am now interested in computer training. I like Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint and I want to learn more,” Ojulu said.

“Whatever it takes. That’s what we do and how far we go,” says Gretchen. “When we see our job seekers working hard and taking big risks, we match their spirit, energy, and determination.”

Gretchen and Ojulu