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Silver Linings of Remote Work

The surprising benefits of remote work When I first learned that I was going to be doing my case management internship with Daily Work remotely due to COVID-19, I was very skeptical, and frankly, kind of scared. The idea of learning the ins and outs of the organization through a fully online orientation was daunting enough, but the necessity to also spend the rest of the summer conducting my appointments over the phone from home was nearly unimaginable. However, I made the choice to jump in headfirst and trust the process, and I am so glad I did! As my …
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COVID 19 Doesn’t Discriminate, Or Does It?

CDC report shows People of Color are getting COVID more frequently People often say that COVID-19 “doesn’t discriminate” in an attempt to encourage people who see themselves as immune to take social distancing and mask precautions more seriously. This good-natured attempt at promoting social responsibility is true in many ways: young, healthy people can contract the virus, and maybe more importantly, they can pass it on to those who are more vulnerable than them. However, even though COVID-19 can infect any of us, and in that sense, does not discriminate, our social structures certainly do. According to a report published …
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