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Thank You Becky Billings...

Becky Billings is an SEO specialist, writing, editing, social media and marketing professional who helped bring Daily Work’s social media, website, and grant writing to the next level. When she joined us last spring, first as a volunteer and then as consultant, Becky was also seeking full-time work, giving her great empathy and passion for Daily Work's mission.

Now a full-time employee herself, Becky does not have much time to volunteer or consult with Daily Work regularly, but for her final blog post, she wanted to share what her experience here meant to her. As we look forward to the New Year, please know that all of us at Daily Work, job seekers and staff alike, are grateful for all that you do to make success stories like Becky’s possible.

Thanks to you too, Becky. We will miss you.

Julie Hoff

Dear Daily Work... by Becky Billings

Becky BillingsThank you for giving me the chance to work with college students as they traverse the world of the internship as well as the world of writing. A writing coach is much like a midwife, guiding, giving, and gently bringing thoughts and new life into this world. Over the past eight months, I’ve worked with two separate groups of social work interns, guiding and developing blog posts to express how important Daily Work is to them and to the Twin City population.

Thank you for helping me to develop my grant writing skills. Previous to working with Daily Work, I had only worked with academic grants, which require an entirely different set of skills than non-profit grants.  For many non-profit grants, they had word count restrictions, so my writing turned from informational to pure poetry to fit the ideas in the very small word count provided.

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to learn new content management systems to post blogs and to create and design newsletters.  I was also given the experience to develop and create a social media content calendar. This skill will help me a great deal in the future.

Thank you for presenting me with the chance to work with Julie Hoff, the Executive Director, who demonstrated to me what giving yourself to a cause truly means. She gives of herself and her time in a “called to minister” to the unemployed, underemployed, homeless of the Twin Cities. She offered me more than a job when I needed one. She offered me the chance to develop my skills and friendship when I needed it the most.

Finally, thank you for a piece of your mission statement that will continue to inspire me: “Daily Work assists job seekers in taking small, solid steps to meet their larger goals.” Daily Work taught me that there is a difference between a job and an occupation. By giving me a job, I was better able to develop skills to help me reach my dream of an occupation. While I am sad to have to move on to follow my dreams, I will be forever grateful for you, Daily Work, for all that you have given to my family and to me.


Becky Billings

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