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The Snail

Seeking KindnessA snail pauses on a porch to look out and ponder all he sees. He is soon joined by a man who steps out onto the porch to do the same. Looking down and seeing the snail the man nudges it off the porch with his boot. Three months later the man once again steps out onto his porch. Looking down he again sees the snail that looks up and asks, “What was that all about?”

The man perceived the snail as inconsequential to his life and as not belonging. I sometimes feel that many people perceive immigrants and poor people as the man perceived the snail...inconsequential, perhaps even as a burden. This can lead to erroneous perceptions about other people, often whom we know little or nothing about, that are inaccurate, destructive, or hurtful.

This indifference can prevent us from creating a community that encompasses all. By being indifferent, we fail to grasp that being one in a population of many means it is in our own best interest to promote the health and well-being of the entire community.

Today, we too often hear messages promoting individuality and exclusion. Too many of us don’t see or believe in the important role “the snail” plays in our community. Just as snails are a sign of a healthy ecosystem*, every person in our community has a role to play and a job to do. Without the contributions of all of our residents, our community will be less healthy and less vibrant, than it could be. We all benefit from nurturing each other’s talents and cherishing our individual and collective strengths.

Daily Work’s vision is to create a community where all people can support and sustain themselves through work, and as a result, be active members of their communities, which benefits us all. Thanks to support from people like you, in 2015 we helped more than 250 people identify their strengths, build their skills, and become more active participants in creating a stronger, healthier community for everyone. We are grateful for the role each of you, job seeker, donor, volunteer, intern, and staff person alike, play in making Daily Work a vital asset for all who come through our door.

*To read more about snails and their role in the ecosystem, visit http://www.thesnailwrangler.com/

Mike RogersBy Michael Rogers, Former Case Management Intern

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