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Tis the season to be thankful…and Daily Work is thankful for YOU!

Many job seekers are able and willing to work, but have not successfully been able to gain employment or acquire the skills they need on their own. Because of YOU, together we are providing the one-to-one, personalized coaching and mentoring that is turning job seekers into valued employees who earn a living wage.

Your support provides job seekers with:

  1. Help identifying short and long-term goals and identifying barriers to work.
  2. Developing a resume, cover letter and identifying jobs and workplaces that correspond to their work interests and skills.
  3. Targeted action steps to negate crisis situations and mitigate identified work barriers (transportation, education, childcare, clothing, financial, legal, or other barriers).
  4. Coaching about Interviews and workplace expectations.
  5. Job identification and application assistance and continued coaching on other workplace and life skills.
  6. Assisting with securing new employment and navigating interview and onboarding processes and paperwork.
  7. Continued support to address workplace concerns and fears. As confidence builds, begin to discuss next steps and goals.
  8. Identifying next steps and goals and determining next steps to obtain job training, continuing education, and/or progressively better jobs.
  9. Repeating steps as needed until job seeker secures desired living wage work that can lift family out of poverty.

*The steps are not necessarily sequential and may be repeated as often as necessary.

In the past 5 years, your support served 1,076 job seekers who generated estimated earnings of more than $20 million dollars during that time. On top of that, our rigorous internship program helped prepare 60 social work interns for professional practice. In this same time period, Daily Work benefitted from more than 25,000 hours of volunteer and intern power, which averaged 2.5 FTE annually.

Thanks to your support, Daily Work will continue to build capacity and reduce economic disparities in our community by helping people increase their incomes through work. For this…and for so many more reasons, we are so thankful for your partnership.

Happy Thanksgiving!

By Jensen Bloedorn, Case Management Intern



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