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Together, We Succeed

Together, We Succeed

By July Zheng, Case Management Intern

Elias is a job seeker who has a very positive outlook. He always greets people with a huge smile and dresses very formally for his appointments at Daily Work. His eyes are very bright and express his curiosity, passion and kindness to the world. His slim body and soft voice belie his incredible tenacity and drive to succeed.

I met Elias in mid-May. He was born in Ethiopia and has lived in Minnesota around 10 years. Like most job seekers at Daily Work, he has many good qualities such as being hard working, persistent and responsible. But the thing that most impresses me about Elias is all the work he does to prepare for his appointments with me.

Elias has a very clear idea about what jobs he wants to apply to and which companies will provide him with the best learning and advancement opportunities. At his appointments, he often tells me, “I’ve already talked with the manager in this company.  Once I apply to the position, they will give me an interview.”

Early on in our work together, I realized that Elias is not a “struggling” job seeker. I prefer to use motivational and inspiring to describe him. It is common for job seekers to feel inpatient or bored when we are doing the long process of online job applications. It is also hard to tolerate the uncertainty and waiting after a job application is submitted. However, I never see any negative emotions in Elias during this long process. He keeps coming back to me, bringing job information, and asking me to apply to new positions with him.

Elias started getting lots of interviews towards the end of June and still he was patient and optimistic.   The most frequent sentence he said to me is “Everything is in waiting process now.” He didn’t stop applying for new jobs while he waited for responses, even though he got interviews with almost all the companies to which he had applied.  

As an international student, I don’t have any formal working experiences at U.S. I know how hard it is for foreigner speakers to understand the U.S. job search process.  The strengths and attributes I see in Elias really push me to think about my own career and the importance of gaining work experience in the U.S. before I graduate. I felt very lucky to work with this diligent man; he made me move forward just as I worked with him to move forward and take the next step on the career ladder.

In China, we have a proverb, “Diligent people are rewarded.” Elias has definitely earned a better job! On August 9 he told me, “I have two new jobs! One is starting today, and another one will start next week!”

For the first time, Elias did not bring anything with him. “Today, I want to come back just to share the good news with you and say ‘Thank you’” he said.

Elias went on to say that he thinks Daily Work’s services are excellent. He enjoyed working with his case-managers at Daily Work and said that he plans to keep coming back for advice about continuing his education and finding his next, better job.

I am so happy Elias achieved the next step of his goal. I am confident that he will accomplish whatever he sets his mind to do.  

I asked permission from Elias to share his story with you because I want to motivate more people. Les Brown has a very motivational speech about achieving dreams; the most memorable sentence for me is “Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.”

Elias and so many of the job seekers at Daily Work “hunger” for success in America and they are relentless in their dedication to achieving their goals. At Daily Work, we take their passion and we work together so every job seeker that comes through our door can get new or better jobs and lead thriving lives.  

Thank you for joining us in this journey. Working together, we all can achieve our goals and grow!

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