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The Turning Point for Stephen

 Stephen Close-upStephen got a job with Daily Work’s help, but not in the usual way. Yes, he got a new resume, a cover letter and application assistance at Daily Work, but the pivotal moment for Stephen was attending the Steps to Success Luncheon on May 11.

“Being at the banquet was motivational for me,” Stephen said. “I used to think no one would hire me because of my age, but I was so inspired by the speakers at the banquet that I thought if they can do it, I can do it!”

To get back to work, Stephen had to overcome more than five years of homelessness, a battle with addiction, and many years of joblessness.

He says that listening to the other job seekers really helped him change his attitude about his job search and that shift in perspective made the difference. One month after the luncheon, Stephen was hired as a stadium worker at Target Field, his first job since 2011.

“I love my job,” Stephen says. “It’s sunny. I get to watch the Twins warm up. I even got a ball hit by Brian Dosier during batting practice,” Stephen said with a grin. He gave the ball to his youngest daughter, who is a big Brian Dosier fan.

His daughters, Stephen says, are his motivation to get back to full-time employment. “I want to be a role model for my daughters and be there to support them when they need it.”

Stephen says he is ready for a full-time job again. The time spent working at Target Field is giving him the confidence and experience he needs to be prepared to work full-time again.

“Daily Work helps people who are struggling. They gave me the encouragement I needed,” Stephen said.  “I’ll be back this fall to look for my next job.”

Everyone needs support and motivation to achieve employment success. Whether that support is from a parent, a teacher, a friend, or an agency like Daily Work, we all need a little help sometimes. We are grateful for the support you give us to help people like Stephen get back into the workforce and become a role model for his daughters.

Julie HoffBy Julie Hoff, Executive Director of Daily Work


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