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Volunteer Spotlight - Gretchen Guenter

By: April Pierce, Communications & Web Services Intern

Daily Work is a small nonprofit that is supported by the hard work and dedication of volunteers, interns and donors. Recently, I talked with Gretchen Guenter, who is both an active case management volunteer and a financial supporter of Daily Work. 

How did you first get involved with volunteering at Daily Work?

Gretchen: When my husband and I became members at Christ on Capitol Hill we were introduced to Daily Work by David Krahn [another Daily Work volunteer]. Daily Work’s office is in the basement of the church. 

How does the culture of the local community influence your organization?

Gretchen: There is a depth of cultural diversity in the community that makes Daily Work a very interesting place to meet people. I believe that when you get to know more people from various backgrounds you broaden your understanding of the world. Through this understanding and desire to support job seekers, Daily Work is an organization that is welcoming and has positive outcomes.

What are some challenging/rewarding things about volunteering at Daily Work?

Gretchen: Time is a challenge. At every appointment I wish I had more time to work with each job seeker. The list of rewards is as long as the list of names of people I have met through Daily Work; job seekers, staff, volunteers, board members and donors, I have learned so much from each and every person.

What are some of Daily Work’ strongest values? If there are more than one, which one(s) hold more “weight” in the organization?

Gretchen: I believe the strongest value held by Daily Work is the importance of building relationships. Through long-term relationships caseworkers and job seekers can work together to meet long term employment goals. 

What has surprised you most about working with Daily Work?

Gretchen: I am most surprised by the stories that people share. I have met job seekers with extraordinary, complicated lives. They are experiencing barriers in finding or keeping employment and yet are very determined to work. I am inspired by these individuals.

What do you think other people should know about Daily Work?

Gretchen: Daily Work is not a “one stop shop”, but rather it is a place to build relationships and have ongoing support.

Do you have any suggestions for future Daily Work volunteers or other supporters?

Gretchen: Come see what it’s like to volunteer! You will be glad you did. I would also suggest that Daily Work supporters attend the Annual Steps to Success luncheon [in May]. The stories that are shared are inspirational and there is a great sense of community. It is a celebration that is not to be missed and captures the heart of Daily Work better than words or a description.

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