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Volunteers Add ROI at Daily Work
By Julie Hoff, Executive Director at Daily Work

Return on Investment, aka ROI is the measure of choice for today’s investors. Whether you’re investing in the stock market or a nonprofit, we all want to know that our dollars are generating the best return possible.

At Daily Work, donors who invest in our mission to turn at-risk job seekers into valued employees are getting greater returns because of the high quality, passionate contributions of volunteers. Did you know that Daily Work averages more than 120 volunteer hours per week! That’s more than 6,000 hours so far this year; or the equivalent of 3 full-time employees!

According to Independent Sector, a national membership organization that brings together nonprofits, foundations, and corporations, the value of volunteer time is now $24.14 per hourcreating a combined value of more than $150,000 in time contributed at Daily Work. 

Daily Work’s volunteers are doing important jobs. They’re working directly with job seekers, writing grants, supervising our social work interns…and leveraging the power of your contributions, making Daily Work an effective and efficient vehicle for your investment.

Over the next two weeks, visit us on social media and our blog to read more about the many different ways volunteer power is being leveraged at Daily Work by:

  • Helping job seekers get better jobs;
  • Providing valuable skill development; and
  • Creating meaningful relationships and experiences for job seekers and volunteers alike.

To read more about the value of volunteer time, visit http://independentsector.org/news-post/value-volunteer-time/)

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