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Work is Freedom    

By Trisha Nelson, Case Management Intern

Kedir’s work ethic and commitment to family is evident in all that he says and does. Since arriving in the U.S. almost four years ago, he has always worked at least two jobs. He came to Daily Work to find a job with better pay so that he has more time to take English language classes. His other priority is a schedule that ensures he has quality time to spend with his wife and four children.

Even with his busy schedule, Kedir landed the exact job he wanted – a cleaning position at Regions Hospital. Working in a hospital is nothing new to Kedir; he worked at a hospital in Ethiopia and loved the work. But, Kedir's dreams don’t stop there.

“Once the hiring [process] is finished at Regions, I will have a schedule to go to the Hubbs Center to work on English," he says. His goals include finishing high school equivalency in the United States and improving his English to pursue higher education and better opportunities in the future. 

Kedir is so happy with his caseworker, Trisha, he insisted on adding this personal message to his picture! Congratulations, Kedir!

Kedir expresses nothing but gratitude for the opportunities he and his family have in the United States. He speaks graciously about how much help he has received since coming to America and he speaks passionately of the freedom and equality he sees here.

“There is freedom here. I appreciate the American people. Here, everyone works. Work is very important. It is very good. Working is very important to me,” Kedir says.

His only complaint? The English language. “You need to communicate in this country. It is important, very important,” Kedir says. He acknowledges it can be hard at times, but it is a price he is willing to pay to have his family in a place full of opportunity.

“Work is freedom,” Kedir says eloquently. Daily Work is proud to help Kedir have the freedom he needs to learn, work, contribute and thrive in our community. Your partnership makes this possible. Thank you.


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