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Don’t Make These COVID Mistakes This Holiday Season

Don’t Make These COVID Mistakes This Holiday Season

COVID-19 has been on all of our minds ever since we first heard about cases popping up in the United States earlier this year. Many states, including Minnesota, went into quarantine in March 2020 to help stop COVID-19 from spreading further. Facts have spread across various news organizations and social media about COVID-19 and the dangers that are associated with the virus, but misunderstandings still persist. This blog will highlight a few of the common misconceptions about COVID-19. As you head into this holiday season be aware of what’s true and not true about COVID.

Myth #1: There are only a few symptoms.

Fact #1: Symptoms can be wide ranging.

Many job seekers stated in the beginning that they had only heard about the three main symptoms associated with COVID-19, such as fever, chills, and cough, but became more aware of different symptoms as the news and health organizations presented new information to the public. COVID-19 is a virus that displays respiratory symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, muscle aches, and many more symptoms. Some people with COVID have no symptoms and are "asymptomatic". This means that they still have the virus in their system and can pass it to those around them. Even if someone does not present with any symptoms, preventive measures should still be used to limit the spread of COVID.

Myth #2: Nothing helps to stop the spread.

Fact #2: Three main modes of prevention DO help: Wear a Mask, Stay Six Feet Apart, and Wash Hands Frequently.

It’s scientifically proven that preventive measures do help stop the transmission of COVID including wearing a mask, staying six feet apart, and washing hands frequently. You can also take additional measures such as wiping down surfaces -   countertops or the grocery store cart - and limiting social interactions.

Some job seekers reported that when at the beginning of the pandemic and "stay-at-home" orders, they did not wear a mask. As more information came out about the virus and stores started to put mask mandates into effect, we all learned how important it is to have cloth or medical masks to wear when going out. Disposable masks are now widely available to purchase.

Myth #3: One mask will do.

Fact #3: Wear clean or new masks.

It’s common for people to reuse masks and not throw the disposable ones away or wash the reusable ones. If possible, medical masks should only be used once and be thrown away. Reusable masks can be worn many times but it’s important to wash them after each use because the mask can retain the virus and become ineffective.

Myth #4: Only old people and sick people get COVID

Fact #4: Anyone can get COVID

Job seekers shared that in the beginning most media reported that immuno-compromised and the elderly were the central populations impacted by COVID-19, but we've since learned that COVID can be contracted by anyone. And, while it’s true most people can recover from COVID if they have proper supportive care, anyone can potentially have a more serious case and require medical treatment.

We are all impacted.

Many job seekers have been impacted because of COVID, whether through job loss or by contracting the virus. We hope this reminder of these important aspects of COVID and how to stay safe are useful to you and the people you connect with. At Daily Work, we are here to help in any way possible to support our job seekers through this challenging time.

Additional information about COVID testing:

Here's information about where to locate free masks:

Thanks for protecting yourself and others this holiday season. From all of us at Daily Work,  Happy New Year.

Written by Laura Perri, Case Manager/Social Work Intern, Fall 2020

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