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“Equality under the law shall not be abridged or denied on account of gender "- reads our Equal Rights Act. But is this enough? Read on to learn more.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, technological advancements and shifting economic landscapes have given rise to a pressing issue- skill shortages. But, the good news is, we can bridge this gap through reskilling and upskilling initiatives! Read on to learn more.

Government public assistance programs have onerous paperwork requirements and are often too rigid and too limited to adequately meet the unique needs of all the people in our community. At Daily Work, we do everything we can to maximize efficacy and minimize gaps for people in our community. Both public and private efforts are critical to long-term success. Read on to learn more.

Hiring Bias. You may think that the laws that have been established in the recent past would put an end to these biases. But research shows that laws alone are not enough to level the hiring field. Read on to learn more.

Self-care isn’t selfishness, it’s a necessity. Simply put, if you don’t take care of yourself, who will? Effective emotional regulations and mental health monitoring are rooted and perfected in self-care. Read on to learn more.

It is a human right to have access to employment, fair treatment at work, and equal economic opportunities. Knowing your rights can be helpful if you're experiencing harassment, compensated unfairly, or other forms of mistreatment at work. It is important to find out what your legal rights and alternatives are before sending an anonymous letter, submitting a complaint, or even starting a dialogue at work. Read on to learn more.

Finding affordable housing that also meets all your criteria can be unnerving - you can expect confusion, delays, road closures, newly erected construction sites and many detours, in the process . But the case managers at Daily Work are trained and equipped to help you in this journey! Read on to learn more.

Even if you care about a cause, how do you know you’re a good fit for the position? Here are some ideas to help you find the right fit for volunteering.

Whether you choose to volunteer your time, get involved in the community or even commit time to strengthening your relationships, giving back provides many ways to impact your own life and the lives of others. 

Do you feel your productivity at work is on the decline? Are you struggling to concentrate or have you lost interest even in the fun activities at your workplace? Your feelings may be more than Monday morning blues. Read on to learn more about signs of workplace depression.

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr continues to inspire and transform our nation. Today, make a deeper commitment to advancing racial equity and equal opportunities for working and thriving in our community.

 It has been more than two years since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and many of us are still adjusting to the so-called “new normal.” For some, this has meant becoming increasingly reliant on technology to stay connected. But ready access to digital technology is far from a given. As online communication pervades more and more aspects of public life, it is worth considering who is being left out of the conversation. So what is this "digital divide"? Read on to learn more.

Do you start sweating or feel panicked when you think about public speaking? It may not seem like it but job interviews too ,are a form of public speaking. Read on to learn how to manage your stress and ace your next job interview.

Daily Work is expanding our services to support new afghan arrivals. Meet Mahdi Sarbaz, an Afghan Evacuee himself, and how he sees the Daily Work difference.

Vernon and Birgitta radiate warmth and joy in everything they do...and that energy has been instrumental in generating more job seekers, volunteers, and donations to Daily Work for more than a decade. Volunteer Sohini sat down to chat with ‘Vern,’ as he is fondly known, to learn about his passion for Daily Work, which he says stems from his career as a Lutheran pastor. Vern and his wife Birgitta have been a source of unbridled enthusiasm and inspiration to everyone at Daily Work, including many who came to know us thanks to their outreach. For their ambassadorship and commitment to inspiring everyone to do better by each other, we honor Vern and Birgitta Rice as our 2022 Sunflower Award winners.

Launched in Spring 2021, TECI has come a long way. Since its inception, TECI has assisted 31 people to have laptops, access to low cost internet providers ongoing training opportunities in computer use. Read on to learn how this initiative, with stellar support from Simon, Madhesh, Debi, and Colin has impacted job seekers' lives.

Read on to learn about International Travel related information and resources in place for Green Card Holders .

Daily Work is expanding our services to support Afghan new arrivals. We are focusing our strengths on our community's current needs.

Ever felt that your workday is over, but you have not been able to accomplish most of what you had ventured out to do at the beginning of the day? What can you do to increase productivity at work? Read on to learn more.

A majority of our job seekers here at Daily Work are immigrants, many of whom have come to the U.S. in just the last few years. One of the most important pieces of the immigration process is finding a job. There are a number of hurdles that immigrants have to face -one of them is acquiring the work authorization documentation. Read on to learn more.

Immigrants represent 8.5% of Minnesota’s population, that’s one in 12 Minnesotans that are immigrants. Having a state that has a large immigrant population introduces many dynamics and many barriers to address. Barriers of language, culture, culture shock, as well as acclimation can be difficult challenges for immigrant families to overcome. The Intercultural Praxis Model may be an approach that will help navigate the many intercultural challenges for Minnesotans working with immigrants and can also be used as a tool to help communication on a global level. Read on to learn more.

If job seekers need a computer to apply for jobs, then there should be affordable technology accessible to them. Access to employment is a right and should not create barriers to economic inclusion. If supportive technology resources are limited and not affordable, then what choices do job seekers have? Read on to learn more.

Most Daily Work job seekers are people who come from different areas in the world, many of which are new to the United States, having been here only a year or two - or less. This also means many of our job seekers might be experiencing culture shock. Read on to learn more.

Executive Director Julie Hoff writes about one of the key outcomes of Daily Work's year-long strategic planning process and how we are centering and deepening services for immigrants and refugees.

One person can inspire change for the entire world. This year, celebrate National Make a Difference Day on Saturday, October 22. Check out these ideas to help get you started with making a difference in your community and the world.

The 988 hotline marks a small but significant victory in the fight to curtail the rising rates of suicide in the United States. Read on to learn more.

Modes of transit should never be a barrier to get hired. Read on to learn why a job seeker using alternative transportation for daily commute, might just be your perfect employee!

Looking for a job but struggling to write your resume? Look no further. Here are 7 important tips to write a great resume!

They say 'All Work and No Play makes Jack a Dull Boy'! Clueless about what hobbies you can pursue outside work? Read on to learn more.

During these trying times with financial crisis on the rise , we need to adapt coping mechanisms to keep our worries at bay. Read on to learn more .

Earlier this month, Juneteenth was celebrated for the second time as a Federal holiday. Read on to learn more and checkout a new cookbook celebrating Juneteenth.

According to, stigma (plural, stigmata) is a Greek word that in its origins referred to a kind of tattoo mark that was cut or burned into the skin of criminals, slaves, or traitors in order to visibly identify them as blemished or morally polluted persons. The word was later applied to other personal attributes that are considered shameful or discrediting. With such a negative origin, it's not hard to imagine how damaging stigmata are to people experiencing them. In this post, Nancy examines the connection between stigma and disabilities and how we help eliminate them.

Register online or send the card you received in the mail! You can find more details about the May 17 Steps to Success event on our website. 

We live in a world where most things in life involve technology; the internet may be the most important technology today. It is now rare that people tender hard copies of a resume to apply for a job. Instead, job applications are submitted mostly online. With the pandemic, both education and work are increasingly online experiences. These things could not have happened if people did not have internet and computer access.

Daily Work is striving to be data-centric in our approach to building a sustainable and impactful organization. Read about the seven efforts either recently completed or currently underway to learn more about how we're using data to inform our work.

According to an article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, "...sleep is not an optional activity." Today, the negative impacts of inadequate sleep are more widely recognized. Despite this, statistics show that 1 out of 3 American adults do not get adequate sleep, impacting all aspects of life. Read more about why Daily Work cares about how much sleep our job seekers are getting.

Shauna points out that some people compare programs like SNAP to a band aid, because they feel that they do not help much. In fact, these programs are essential in helping people become financially stable. If you need to sign up for SNAP or TANF, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Research shows that volunteering is good for you! Learn about how it can help pave the way to paid employment, better health, and a more satisfying life experience.

Taissa shares why affordable housing has become harder to come by these days. Here at Daily Work, we strive to help our job seekers secure stable housing because it is a crucial aspect that contributes to finding and maintaining employment.

Sustainable work and financial sufficiency are some of the best ways to end homelessness.

Jerry reflects on his new career in social work and the opportunity to merge passion with profession.

Have you received the booster shot yet? If not, it is probably time for you to do so!

Many of us have encountered pre-employment assessments, but did you know that they were designed to have candidates fail?

Have you taken or are you considering taking Paternal Leave? Shauna writes on this contentious issue and urges your action to support paid paternal leave.

Kim wraps up for this semester's internship at Daily Work, and she will come back after the break to continue supporting our job seekers!

Jerry researches into the higher heating bills that are expected this winter and provides some options for potential relief.

Brittany outlines the types of struggles that our job seekers face, and she is dedicated to resolve these issues. Learn more about what she has to say here!

Take a look at what Asiya has to say about her experience here at Daily Work as a case manager!

Student interns are a key part of Daily Work’s identity as an organization. Just like our job seekers, students come to Daily Work to get the support and guidance needed to find success in the workforce.

When you have an advanced degree but it is not taken into consideration when employers hire you and subsequently offer you a rudimentary position, it is called brain waste. Learn more about brain waste and how it affects immigrants!

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