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Feeling Down? Here’s Three Ways to Improve Your Outlook

It is no secret that we are living in trying times. And though many of us have begrudgingly heard that nearly everything in the news is “unprecedented”, the truth is that they have happened before. It’s further proof that the many oppressive systems in the United States are working just as intended. For example, inflation is not new. Pew Research has published that “...according to the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual inflation rate in May was 8.6%, its highest level since 1981, as measured by the consumer price index.”. For most of us, including myself, that means that we have to be creative and strategic with the ways we use our money and resources.

Coupled with financial struggles, we are still living through a pandemic that has reduced the livelihoods of many and limited opportunities for connection with others. However, with people switching into a new “post-pandemic” mentality and government guidelines becoming more lax, many have been allowed very little space for coping effectively with all these challenges. We are asked to take hardships in stride. This is difficult.

These coping tactics may be useful:

Reach Out. In times of trouble, reach out. It is likely that many people are feeling more reserved or less outgoing now. To combat those feelings, be bold and ask for support.

Stand Up. As aforementioned, things haven’t been great in recent times. While it is very easy to be stuck in a cycle of circulating posts among your friends on social media, we cannot forget that “the people have the power”. Through standing up and taking action in our communities, we can create change. Consider volunteering at a local organization (like Daily Work!).

Go For It. Making any sort of change, personal or systemic, requires becoming comfortable being uncomfortable. So, take a deep breath and go for it!

When life feels overwhelming, first remember that we are only human. Our humanness provides the capacity to feel our emotions, which is hard, but also helpful. It is what allows us to forge meaningful connections with those around us.

In my favorite poem by Robert Frost, “A Servant of Servants”, the wife speaks about advice she received from her husband, “The best way out is always through,” he tells her. It is a testament to determination, but also to those who wish to see a change in the world. However complicated or lengthy, the process of change is usually worth it.

So, in these trying times, look to one of the coping tactics above and remember Daily Work can support you, or others you may know, in navigating the challenges.

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