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The Many Benefits of Volunteering

There’s no doubt about it: volunteering is good for you. At Daily Work, we strive to support job seekers, staff and volunteers in finding activities that support their overall well-being and life goals. When you share your time and talents with others as a volunteer, you also receive benefits in return. Whether it’s experience for a resume, connections for a career, or simply the affirmation of being in company with fellow human beings, volunteering impacts your own life as much as the lives of others. Here are three ways volunteering can improve your health and well-being.

Volunteering connects you with others.
One of the greatest benefits of volunteering is the social connections it includes. Despite the constant correspondence our society experiences through technology, a nationwide survey by Cigna found that more than half of respondents actually feel lonely. 

Fifty-four percent said they feel like no one actually knows them, 56 percent believe people around them “are not necessarily with them” and 40 percent said they “lack companionship.” This loneliness plays a significant role in overall well-being. At Daily Work, both volunteers and job seekers alike benefit from their interactions. "The people I work with at Daily Work spend a lot of time alone, so our weekly talks are important to them and to me," said Daily Work Volunteer Cheryl Brady. 

Through consistent volunteering with an organization or cause you care about, you can generate genuine, authentic relationships with like-minded people. "The personal interaction is wonderful," said Jana Martin, employment retention volunteer.

Volunteering promotes physical activity. 
By volunteering, you create one more avenue for physical activity. Even if it’s simply walking from the parking lot to where you volunteer, by getting up, leaving the house and being active, you can help promote positive feelings and more energy. In fact, studies have also found that people who regularly volunteer have a lower mortality rate, are less likely to develop high blood pressure and have better thinking skills. 

Volunteering changes your perspective.
Volunteering gives you the opportunity to interact with different people, circumstances and causes around you, causing a natural shift in how you see your own life. For instance, sharing your talents with people in need might positively change your mindset to recognize you do have useful skills to offer.

 It has helped me to understand on a personal basis the difficulties and barriers to employment, housing, transportation, etc., rather than just reading about issues.

~Linda, case management volunteer

Volunteering also provides a valuable sense of purpose. No matter how old you are or where you are in life, helping others gives you feelings of purpose, perspective and belonging. John Blair, who serves on the Development Committee says, "I am enjoying meeting friendly and interesting people and also participating in meaningful volunteer work."

Daily Work offers a variety of volunteer opportunities such as resume writers, interview coaches, school navigators, and drivers who transport job seekers to and from Daily Work appointments. If you're looking for something that requires greater commitment, consider becoming a volunteer case maanger, which requires about 6 hours once per week. 

Whatever your interest, Daily Work probably has a meaningful opportunity for you. To learn more, contact Judy Sharken Simon, Volunteer and Operations Director, at (651) 204-3043 or


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