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  • Ingrid McPherson
    Ingrid McPherson

    Experienced Caregiver and Medical Assistant

    Ingrid is a friendly and engaging customer service professional and personal care attendant (PCA) who can be a welcoming presence in your organization. Ingrid has extensive experience in the medical field as both a caregiver and as an assistant in the office. She completed training as a medical assistant at Globe University in 2010. Her strengths include her strong work ethic, excellent communication skills, and her ability to listen to others and solve problems effectively. She also has experience using Microsoft Word and using the computer to check email and do Internet searches. If you or someone you know needs a reliable, welcoming customer service person at your front desk or on the phone, call Julie at Daily Work – (651) 204-3043, to learn more how Ingrid can add to your workplace.

  • Dereje Zewdie Wedajo
    Dereje Zewdie Wedajo

    Experienced Custodian and Successful Job Seeker!

    Dereje is a professional, dependable worker with extensive experience (10+ years) in custodial and maintenance duties for several different companies, but still, most of his jobs paid only a little more than minimum wage. Dereje came to Daily Work to find a better job, with better pay...that rewarded his excellent experience. At Daily Work, Dereje demonstrated that he is dependable, punctual and extremely motivated. With a little coaching, a better resume, and some phone calls on his behalf, Dereje landed a custodial job at a local hospital in St. Paul. Of course, the main key to his success was Dereje himself, his easy going personality and willingness to advocate on his own behalf, helped him achieve his goal of working in a hospital, where he now makes close to $15/hour! Congratulations Dereje! You made a big step forward on your path to success and you're our Job Seeker of the Month!

  • Lee Olafson
    Lee Olafson

    Experienced Hotel and Restaurant Worker/Visual Communications Student 651-204-3043

    Lee Olafson is a reliable, experienced hotel and restaurant worker. He's done it all: from banquet set-up, prep cook, and bar back to houseman, room service, and customer service, if you need someone you can count on to get the job done, Lee is the go-to guy. While Lee has spent most of his work time in hotels and restaurants (10 years' experience), he is willing to be a hard worker anywhere while he completes his A.S.S. degree in graphic design and visual communications. If you want someone who can hit the ground running, call Julie at 651-204-3043 to learn more about Lee's skills and experience.

  • Nonprofit Operations | Volunteer Management | Communications

    Tracey is a proven employee. With B.A.’s in both Theology and Communications, plus years’ of experience in faith-based, nonprofit and for-profit settings, Tracey has the experience to make an immediate impact in a new position. Her strengths include: writing, editing and designing communications materials, especially newsletters. She also has excellent organizational and critical thinking skills, giving her the ability to effectively manage any situation. At Daily Work, Tracey has demonstrated both the hard and the soft skills (reliable, punctual, collaborative) necessary to be an effective team member. She is a take-charge person who successfully finds ways to solve problems, improve the bottom line, create greater efficiency, and get the job done.

  • Thank you to BAKER'S SQUARE for investing in Yonas as a cook/dishwasher!

    Justin Spiteri, Bistro 516 Owner: “Yonas did an excellent job in this position and he was an asset for our restaurant. He’s extremely organized, can work independently, ensures that all customers are being served to their satisfaction, and always keeps the kitchen clean. Yonas is very punctual for his work and is a smart and hard-working person. Yonas would be an asset to any employer and I recommend him for any enterprise he chooses to pursue.”

    Daily Work’s Recommendation: At Daily Work, Yonas has been equally dependable and hard-working. It is quickly apparent that he is bright, and eager and able to learn new things. With two years' experience working as a prep cook in a busy, upscale restaurant, Yonas has the experience to be an immediate asset in the kitchen.

  • Seeking entry level position in facilities maintenance, customer service, service sales, or related field

    Daily Work's Recommendation: Abera is reliable, dedicated, and hard-working. As anyone who hires employees knows, it is hard to find people who are not only qualified, but have that something extra that makes them superlative employees. Abera has that something extra. In addition, Abera has a unique ability to both follow directions well and independently solve problems. He recently completed a 10-week training program at Twin Cities' Rise and boosted his typing skills from 0 to roughly 25 words per minute. He gained valuable workplace professionalism skills, earned an award for NEVER missing a class, and was commended by his trainers for his willingness to help others in the class who were struggling. Abera will be a valuable asset to any company that hires him.

  • Together We Give People a Leg Up

    Daily Work icon of figures on steps, one pulling up the other; reads Together We Give People a Leg Up

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    Pic of Zew
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    Pic of Frehiwot
  • Stay Safe MN Remote & In-Person Options

    Stay Safe MN graphic: Remote and in-person meeting options available

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    Pic of Terry
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    Pic of Radia
  • Good work leads to a better community

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    Pic of Lee
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