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Partner: Seagate

Partner: Seagate

An Ongoing Relationship With Seagate Is a Win-Win

Companies often have difficulties finding the right employees – but not all are aware of workers at the fringes and the value they can bring. Jenna Dotson, a senior recruiter for the staffing firm Manpower, knows this firsthand. As a workforce provider for technical positions she works with software and hardware companies – such as Seagate, which operates a global supply-chain production facility in Bloomington.

Seagate is vertically integrated and controls the manufacture of all components needed to fabricate its hard-drive products. The MN-based plant produces 20% of Seagate’s data-storage disk heads or ‘wafers.’ The very pricey wafers require a highly controlled process involving clean rooms, precious metals, and the execution of a series of tight protocols.

The challenge is hiring enough specialists to keep the line running 24/7, 365. “The position is contract to hire. In today’s saturated market, hiring for temporary work is difficult,” explains Jenna.

Abera Siyoum (pictured) – a former Daily Work job seeker and now a manager at Seagate – connected Jenna with DW's Julie Hoff. “Julie first wanted to understand our process and criteria,” says Jenna.

Seagate's overnight and weekend shifts that require standing for 12 hours are not always attractive. Childcare and transportation can be significant barriers. “Many job seekers are still working to get their driver’s license and don’t earn enough to own a car,” notes Julie. “Public transportation is limited at odd hours, turning a 12-hour shift into a 15-hour day.”

Julie works to flip this narrative and connect job seekers with a longer view. “What Seagate offers is a well-paid, skill-building opportunity where candidates can transition into a permanent job with higher pay, benefits, and a chance at promotions.”

For Jenna, it’s a win-win. “It is like having a recruiter for a recruiter,” she remarks. “Our entire hiring and onboarding process is automated and virtual. You have to be digitally literate and able to navigate a multi-step process with tight deadlines, as well as be able to stand out.”

You can tell Daily Work's efforts are paying off. They refer wonderful candidates who are all highly prepared.


DW guides candidates through the technical and soft skills to become job ready. Resume prep, applications, follow-up emails, extensive interview coaching, specific language terms, and what to wear are all a part of the process.

“Most importantly, we help job seekers work through the physical, mental, and perspective barriers that can be overwhelming and hold people up from taking a chance,” states Julie. “We ask them how they could make the job work, rather than getting stuck among the hurdles.”

As job seekers develop mental fortitude, they begin to connect with their opportunities and get motivated about the jobs. And it is this enthusiasm that Jenna responds to the most. “Daily Work’s candidates are excited to add to Seagate’s program. They are prepared, well-spoken, respectful, and always ahead of the game throughout the hiring and onboarding process.”

As of early 2023, six people from Daily Work had joined Seagate; four had gone full-time. “It’s unheard of,” exclaims Jenna. “I love building capacity attracting and hiring candidates with this partnership.”

Adapted from article by Jenn Hyvonen • Daily Work Making Connections newsletter, Spring/Summer 2023

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