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  Daily Work provides free one-to-one case management, along with coaching and technical help to struggling job seekers in the community.
  We can help you get a new resume, learn insider interview tips, connect to resources for housing, clothing, and our new job club training class, and so much more!   For more information on how to take the first step, and find gainful employment. Please download the flier below.

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  Want to learn more about the impact of your contributions to Daily Work? Our print newsletter is mailed to homes three times per year. The latest edition features Aric, a successful job seeker who recently started working at Macalester College, plus stories about volunteers and donors who are making a difference with their skills and financial contributions. The latest edition, from November 2020, is attached here. To make sure you don't miss an issue, call (651) 204-3043 to add your name to our mailing list.

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Technology Essentials Core Initiative (TECI)

  Life and work in COVID has made computers and internet connectivity a necessity. In-person anything is now virtual everything.
  TECI aims to address this new normal by supplying a tech essentials core, including a refurbished laptop, modem, three months of internet service, and in-home set up, to 100 Daily Work job seekers by the end of 2021!

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Daily Work's vision for our community is that it is a place where all people have the time and financial resources to be connected...to their employers, their neighbors, their schools, their places of worship, to mainstream society. Work makes that happen. Our mission is about connecting our job seekers to work and resources, but our blog is about connecting YOU, our friends and supporters, to our job seekers and their unique talents, perspectives and needs. It's about helping you know and feel the impact of your support and how it is making a difference in our job seekers' lives.


I’m Working For My Parents

I’m Working For My Parents Hello! My name is Pangnhia Khang and I am a Daily Work intern majoring in Social Work at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. Because of my parents’ experience of difficulty finding a stable job when they immigrated to the U.S. I was drawn to Daily Work’s vision and values. My parents did not speak the English language and did not have any work experience, this made it hard for them to find work. Seeing them struggle made me want to become a social worker – to advocate for individuals and help them with services …
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Job Seekers Know Best

Job Seekers Know Best January was Motivational Interviewing month at Daily Work for case management interns. Throughout the month we engaged with readings and videos to learn about Motivational Interviewing techniques as well practicing the techniques with each other to hone our skills. But what is Motivational Interviewing and why is it important to our services at Daily Work? Motivational Interviewing is a paradigm shift in social work’s overall helping practice to person-centered, motivation-building, and guiding; in comparison to social work’s previous practice which tended to be more deficit-based and directive. The skill consists of three aspects: Collaboration. The understanding …
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Yes! There are jobs during COVID-19 and you can get one!

Yes! There are jobs during COVID-19 and you can get one! One of the biggest events of 2020 was the COVID-19 pandemic. It impacted the entire world and changed the way that we lived our lives. The pandemic continues to be a global problem as we enter 2021, yet people’s lives can’t be put on hold until it ends. You can still find work! As a case manager at Daily Work, one of the questions that I get asked often is “are there any jobs for me to apply to?” With all of the closures that have occurred due to …
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Celebrating the Season from Ethiopia to Minnesota

In America we call it Christmas. In Ethiopia it’s called Ganna. And according to archaeologists, both began well before the official holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus. For Americans, it’s a month of preparing with trees, cookies, gifts, and advent. For Ethiopian Christians, the time is more austere, with 43 days of church, fasting and sometimes, games. Like in America, Ethiopians practice a variety of faiths including Islam, Judaism, and other traditional religions; however, Christianity is the country’s largest religion and it was officially adopted back in the 4th Century. “People have been celebrating and practicing Christianity for centuries in …
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Don’t Make These COVID Mistakes This Holiday Season

Don’t Make These COVID Mistakes This Holiday Season COVID-19 has been on all of our minds ever since we first heard about cases popping up in the United States earlier this year. Many states, including Minnesota, went into quarantine in March 2020 to help stop COVID-19 from spreading further. Facts have spread across various news organizations and social media about COVID-19 and the dangers that are associated with the virus, but misunderstandings still persist. This blog will highlight a few of the common misconceptions about COVID-19. As you head into this holiday season be aware of what’s true and not …
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