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Need Help Finding A Job?

  Daily Work provides free one-to-one case management, along with coaching and technical help to struggling job seekers in the community.
  We can help you get a new resume, learn insider interview tips, connect to resources for housing, clothing, and our new job club training class, and so much more!   For more information on how to take the first step, and find gainful employment. Please download the flier below.

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The Faces of Daily Work

  Many of our community's job seekers are able and willing to work, but for a variety of reasons, are unable to successfully secure employment or gain the skills they need on their own.
  To help, our staff and interns are dedicated to working to fill that gap by providing one-to-one, personalized coaching and mentoring to help them address their immediate needs and craft a plan to achieve permanent, living-wage work.
  Watch our video to hear their unique stories.

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Jeff's New Purpose

  Jeff knew he would face some tough challenges in his job search. Last October, he was unexpectedly laid off after eight years as a warehouse laborer. Before that, he worked in construction.
   “Physically, I knew I couldn’t do that kind of work anymore,” said Jeff, who is in his late 50s.
   Today, Jeff is working as a human services representative with Hennepin County, and he has a whole new sense of purpose.
    Read Jeff's story to see the difference your donations make!

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Get Connected to Daily Work's Job Seekers!

Daily Work's vision for our community is that it is a place where all people have the time and financial resources to be connected...to their employers, their neighbors, their schools, their places of worship, to mainstream society. Work makes that happen. Our mission is about connecting our job seekers to work and resources, but our blog is about connecting YOU, our friends and supporters, to our job seekers and their unique talents, perspectives and needs. It's about helping you know and feel the impact of your support and how it is making a difference in our job seekers' lives.


Big Change in the Works for St. Paul Job Seekers: $15 Minimum Wage

Big Change in the Works for St. Paul Job Seekers: $15 Minimum Wage By: Megan Toner, Case Management Intern St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter is paving the way for a big change in the way St. Paul’s minimum wage workers live. Minimum wage has been a hot topic for years. Many people now realize that people working for minimum wage do not make enough money to support themselves or their families.  An article on CNBC by Ester Bloom states, “The percentage of American full-time, minimum-wage workers who can afford to rent a one-bedroom apartment in any U.S. state without being what …
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Warning! Cute Kid Photo!

The Daily Work office was full of energy yesterday, thanks to these three. Children often have to accompany their parents to Daily Work. You can help them pass the time when they’re here by donating healthier, individually-wrapped snacks, crayons (8-packs), and small coloring books. We also appreciate other snacks (with a good shelf life) or toiletries that we can give to job seekers who are hungry or homeless.