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Steps To Success Lucheon

Daily Work is hosting its 3rd annual Steps to Success Luncheon on Wednesday, May 13, 2015. Our luncheon is a compelling, one-hour event that focuses on the stories of the people who come to Daily Work for help. Guests will experience a succinct, unforgettable presentation of the extraordinary impact of Daily Work. To register now, click the button below.

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Meet the Faces of Daily Work

Many job seekers are able and willing to work, but for a variety of reasons, are unable to successfully secure employment or gain the skills they need on their own. We fill that gap by providing one-to-one, personalized coaching and mentoring to help them address their immediate needs and craft a plan to achieve permanent, living-wage work. Watch our video to hear their unique stories.

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A Mother's Dedication

Fueled by the desire to support herself and her two sons, Frehiwot did everything she could to find work. After emigrating to Minnesota from a refugee camp in Kenya, where she successfully had managed a hair salon, she spent almost two years visiting the public library to browse posted jobs, attend skills classes and work on her English. But she was losing hope. Read Frehiwot's story and consider how you can help...

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Need Help Finding a Job?

Daily Work provides free one-to-one coaching and technical help to struggling job seekers. We can help you get a new resume, learn insider interview tips, connect to resources for housing, clothing, and job training, and so much more! To take the first step, download the flier below.


One Sure-Fire Way to Handle Conflict More Effectively

How effectively do you deal with conflict? Anyone looking for a job knows that question is at the top of every interviewer’s list. Dread it, fear it, cry or get angry, we all face conflict and navigating it effectively can improve our relationships, both at home and at work. Conflicts that are not resolved in a productive manner can get in the way of addressing important issues. Through research and experience, I find using I-messages is one of the most effective ways to communicate my feelings to others and resolve conflicts. I-messages are focused on the feelings of the person …
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My New Beginning

As an immigrant from Nigeria, I know exactly what many of Daily Work’s job seekers are going through. As someone who has been in their position, I am grateful to all the people that helped me find success in America. My goal is to use what I am learning here to make things better for the people in Nigeria. Places like Daily Work are making it possible for me and other immigrants to make a better world, both here and in our home countries. People like you, who support Daily Work, are making this possible. Here is how my new …
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