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Get Involved: TECI Campaign

Technology: The New Basic Need

The World of Work is Different Now

The days of going from employer to employer or scanning the newspaper to find job openings are gone. Many employment searches start with the internet. And even positions that don't require a computer to perform the work require applicants to apply online. 

Once hired, even entry-level jobs require workers to use computers to complete onboarding training and paperwork, clock in and out, or view their electronic pay stubs...and this is just the beginning of the challenges for job seekers without technology skills. 

Computers: Not a Luxury Anymore

Jobs that require daily computer use are associated with higher wages (Acs and Loprest, Urban Institute, 2.2009), further widening the income gap between skilled and less skilled workers (Gaskell for Forbes, 5/3/19). Brookings Institution research estimates that U.S. jobs requiring digital skills have quadrupled in the 21st century, while positions that do not require digital skills decreased from 56% to less than 30% of all jobs.

TECI Technology Essentials Core Initiative; Supplying a tech essentials core to job seekers in need; Showing laptop keyboard

Introducing TECI

To address this reality, Daily Work launched the Technology Essentials Core Initiative (TECI) to put computers and internet service inside the homes of our job seekers. A volunteer tech squad delivers the equipment to each recipient, sets up the system to connect to wifi, and teaches some basic-use skills. Back in the office, case managers encourage individuals to keep practicing and support their efforts to gain computer experience.

By providing a tech essentials core – a refurbished laptop, connectivity, and training – we're preparing people for today's jobs, and positioning them for move-up jobs tomorrow. The equipment, labor to prepare it, and pre- and post-installation support from case managers is valued at about $1,200 per computer install. You can help get these essentials into the hands of those in need by clicking below to go to our secure donation page.

To date, nearly 20 job seekers have received computers through the TECI program and evaluation results from the first six months are listed below for the initial six recipients. The next wave of program results should be available this summer.

Felicia & Lee wearing masks with their new laptops

Daily Work is interesting because it really does provide tools to help people navigate the complexities of work and life. I’m thrilled that programing now incorporates computers and connectivity, as we are all so dependent on technology.

~ Carmen I. Nitsche, Daily Work Donor

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